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Stomach Flu Facts

22 May, 2011 (08:29) | Health Advice | By: Carolyn Enders

Stomach Flu – Viral Gastroenteritis Stomach cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea – signs of the stomach flu!  It seems as though this year, what is commonly called the “stomach flu” has been widespread in the community. So what exactly is the stomach flu? Stomach flu  is not actually related to the influenza virus at all.  Stomach […]

Guide to Upper Respiratory Infections

7 June, 2010 (08:00) | Health Advice | By: Ben Legler

Have you ever risen in the morning and just known you were coming down with something? You ache all over, feel hot then cold, have a little tickle in the back of your throat? Sure sounds like the common cold, but how can you be sure? Here’s your guide to deciding if you need a doctor’s visit or just some chicken noodle soup.