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Make your goal HEALTH in 2012!

28 December, 2011 (10:49) | Alerts, Health Advice, News | By: Jennifer Brull

Most people set a new year resolution to “get healthier.”  For some people this means eating better, for others spending time on the treadmill, for most it means losing weight.  Post Rock would like to help our patients achieve their goals in 2012. PRFM is offering participation in the Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) project to […]

Calcium and Heart Attacks

8 August, 2010 (22:36) | Health Advice | By: Jennifer Brull

There is new information about calcium supplements and heart attacks. A study that looked at over 11,000 women seems to link taking calcium supplements (500mg or more daily without Vitamin D) with about a 20-30% increase in the risk for heart attack. This is concerning for all women who are taking calcium to protect their […]

Sneaky Salt!

26 June, 2010 (19:51) | Health Advice | By: Jennifer Brull

Nine in ten Americans get too much salt in their diet every day…and only 10% of it comes from the salt shaker!  Did you know that the foods you eat each day may be contributing to fluid retention and high blood pressure?