Post Rock Welcomes Sarah Christopherson!

February 3, 2021 | Students, Uncategorized | By: Jodie Ostmeyer

My name is Sarah Christopherson, I am a final year student in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Maryville University. I will be graduating in December 2021. I am working with Ron Williams, APRN for my adult primary care rotation.

I have been a nurse for 15 years, with the majority of my experience being in critical care (ICU, ED, and Flight), so I am excited to gain more experience from the rural hospital and clinic perspective.

Where are you from?
Burdett, Kansas.

Why did you come to Plainville?
I have had many encounters with providers and staff at RCH while performing my full time job as a flight nurse with EagleMed in Hays and have always been pleased by their kindness, knowledge, and professionalism. I feel I will gain good experience of primary and urgent care in the rural Kansas setting. I worked with Ron Williams at Hays Medical Center several years ago when he trained me in the emergency department. I have a great deal of respect for him and his knowledge and I look forward to working with him again.

What do you hope to be when you are out of school?
I will graduate with a Master of Science, Family Nurse Practitioner degree.

As there is a growing demand for providers in rural Kansas, I hope to work in a rural clinic/hospital setting as this is the type of community I grew up in and have served the majority of my nursing career. I enjoy interacting with patients and hope to utilize my past critical care experience in not only the clinic but emergency department setting as well.

What do you like to do outside of medicine?
My husband and I enjoy traveling within and outside of Kansas, hiking, working on small projects at our home, and spending time with our families, niece and nephews. I also enjoy cooking, reading, and of all things, making homemade soap.

What do you hope to learn from your rotation in Plainville?
Combining critical care experience with the skills and knowledge necessary for primary care, and disease prevention from the clinic and well-patient perspective.

Post Rock Welcomes Katelyn Schumacher!

January 8, 2021 | Students | By: Jodie Ostmeyer

My name is Katelyn Schumacher, I am a third year medical student from the University of Kansas School
of Medicine in Wichita. I am working with Dr. Brull, Dr. Maciaszek and Dr. Beth Oller.

Where are you from?
Hays, Kansas.

Why did you come to Plainville?
The primary reason I chose to complete this clerkship in Plainville was to experience providing healthcare in a rural setting. Along with this, it provides the opportunity to serve the community so near to my hometown.

What do you hope to be when you are out of school?
Following graduation from medical school, I would like to work with underserved communities in a role that provides continuity of care. I truly enjoy getting to know patients and hearing their stories to find ways to best serve them in the healthcare setting. I also have a passion for public health and developing community programs to ensure access to quality care in communities.

What do you like to do outside of medicine?
I like to spend my free time hiking and exploring the outdoors as much as possible! I also enjoy cooking, running, and quality time with friends and family.

What do you hope to learn from your rotation in Plainville?
I truly look forward to the experience rotating in Plainville will provide, as I have not had the chance to work in a rural setting in medical school so far. It will be very interesting to learn what healthcare looks like in a smaller community where the physician must be prepared for a wide array of medical issues.

COVID Vaccine News!

January 8, 2021 | Alerts, Community, Health Advice, News | By: Jennifer Brull

Post Rock and DWD are partnering with the Rooks County Health Department and the Rooks County Health Center to distribute COVID vaccine to our community. The State of Kansas published our state-wide vaccination plan yesterday, and we are preparing together for broad vaccination efforts. We are currently in Phase 1 of the plan and vaccinating healthcare workers (paid and volunteer), residents of long term care settings (nursing homes and assisted living) and workers critical to the pandemic response. We anticipate moving to Phase 2 in late January or early February, which will include vaccinating people 65 and older, congregate settings, and high-contact critical workers. Phases 3, 4 and 5 will follow and include the rest of our community.

The clinics, hospital and health department are all registered vaccine providers with the state and have a shared secure database of people who wish to receive the vaccine when it becomes available. Any person who is a resident of Rooks County or an established patient of Post Rock is eligible to be listed in the database. When vaccine becomes available, we will work together to distribute the vaccine to the highest-priority patients.

What should I do now?

  1. If you have not previously notified Post Rock or the health department of your desire to receive the vaccine, please call us at 785.434.2622 with that information. You will be asked for your occupation (to help us determine essential worker status) and the best phone number to contact you when a dose becomes available for you.
  2. If you have not received your influenza virus vaccine yet this season (on or after 9/1/2020), call us and let us know you want to schedule a nurse visit or drive-by flu vaccine. The worst of this flu season has not yet begun, and protecting yourself now against respiratory disease is important!
  3. Share this information with your family, friends and community. If they are not established patients with Post Rock and live in Rooks County, they can call the health department at 785.425.7352 to be added to the registry.

If you have questions about the vaccine, please contact your primary care team for answers; we would love to talk to you. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe and effective, and all of the doctors and nurse practitioners at Post Rock have chosen to receive the vaccine. We are strong advocates and believe vaccination is a path out of the pandemic for our community.