Coronavirus Facebook Live Videos 2020

Deaths are up – Flu Shots – Herd Immunity (2020-09-30)
Cases are really up in our area (2020-09-23)
Numbers going up (2020-09-16)
Return to Play for athletes – Mask washing (2020-09-09)
Group gathering – Return to sports (2020-09-02)
When to get tested – Political bias (2020-08-26)
New saliva based virus test (2020-08-23)
Update on numbers (2020-08-12)
Update on numbers & Vaccine update (2020-08-05)
Information that we see & hear – What should I believe? (2020-07-28)
Catholic Charities to help those in need (2020-07-22)
We have to do better (2020-07-15)
Masks and rein it in a bit (2020-07-08)
Masks work – dispel rumors (2020-07-02)
Update on numbers and where we stand with other states (2020-06-24)
Updates – What European Countries are doing (2020-06-17)
Shut downs and numbers (2020-06-10)
Plans for opening back up the hospital (6/3/2020)
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (5/29/2020)
Timeline and plans to move forward (5/27/2020)
Human Safety Testing of Vaccines Study (5/20/2020)
Decision Trees for businesses & Executive Order 1.5 (5/15/2020)
Children wearing masks and testing site in Rooks County (5/13/2020)
Numbers, How is the virus spread? (5/11/2020)
Happy Mother’s Day – Reproduction Ratio (5/10/20)
Thank you to teachers and nurses and number updates (5/8/2020)
The numbers continue to rise for Kansas, Rooks holds steady (5/7/2020)
Why should you wear a mask? (5-6-2020)
New IHME projections (5/4/2020)
Buckle up we are going to talk science (5/03/2020)
Guidance for Rooks County reopening and internal clock (5/2/2020)
Governors reopening plan for Kansas (5/01/2020)
CDC document on interim guidelines for opening up (4/30/2020)
COVID testing at Webster State Lake (4/29/2020)
Annual Wellness Telehealth Visits/Peak date/Social Distancing Date Recommendation (4/28/2020)
Current rates for Kansas (4/27/2020)
New symptoms of the virus and posting on social media (4/26/2020)
Rates of virus Part 2 (4/24/2020)
Rates of virus (4/24/2020)
Questions and answers – Protest in Washington (4/23/2020)
Coronavirus earlier then previously thought (4/22/2020)
Getting your flu shot will be even more important next year (4/21/2020)
Should you make your own sanitizer – Dr. Oller’s birthday (4/20/2020)
Questions answered and Beth’s birthday eve (4/19/2020)
Questions and Answers (4/17/2020)
Stay the Course (4/16/2020)
Should I wear a Mask in Public (4/15/2020)
When can we stop doing this (4/14/2020)
Online safety for our children (4/13/2020)
Difficult but important conversations (4/12/2020)
Saturday encouragement, morning is coming (4/11/2020)
Good job Rooks County (4/10/2020)
If tested elsewhere let your PCP know/COVID19 Zones flyer (4/9/2020)
Updates/What is Social Distancing Flyer (4/8/2020)
20-18 Executive order restricting gatherings to 10 or less (4/7/2020)
Our peak predicted deaths have decreased. (4/6/2020)
Presumptive positive/Don’t gather with friends/limit store visits (4/5/2020)
Number updates/Self service items have been banned (4/3/2020)
How to do a telehealth visit (4/2/2020)
Masks? Should we be wearing one (4/01/2020)
Results update/Kansas Peak estimate (3/31/2020)
How are our kids doing/stress on kids (3/30/2020)
Rates of domestic violence increase during times of stress (3/29/2020)
Quick update – KSN reported misinformation (3/27/2020)
Safer at Home order for Kansas (3/27/2020)
Parks & Playground/Length of time virus lives on items/Food pantry and pet food pantry (3/26/2020)
Telehealth/Parks & Playgrounds/Social Distancing Updates (3/25/2020)
Telehealth visit and Social Distancing graphic (3/22/2020)
Updates – Telehealth visits (3/20/2020)
Changes at the facility – screenings at the front door (3/19/2020)
Stay at home if you have symptoms and parking lot waiting room (3/18/2020)
What is Coronavirus – Flatten the curve (3/17/2020)