Post Rock Welcomes Rebecca Duke

September 18, 2018 | Students | By: Jodie Ostmeyer

Rebecca is attending KU School of Social Welfare North Western Campus.  She is part of the class of 2020 and is completing her Practicum in Social Work.  Rebecca is shadowing Christy Kaufman.

Where are you from?
I was originally born in Mexico City and attended high school in England. After that I came to the USA for university studies and married a man who became an officer in the Army. Due to my husbands career I lived all over: Germany, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kansas. When I was divorced I went to Hays to be close to my mother.

Why did you come to Plainville?
I still live in Hays, but chose to do my practicum at Post Rock because of the tremendous reputation it has. I also wanted some experience in Patient Care Management because I am in a clinical program and will mostly be exposed to therapy and mental health care in my practicum next year. I think that the experience at Post Rock will make me a more well rounded Social Worker. I also really enjoyed meeting Ms. Kaufman during my interview, she gave me some very comprehensive information about what Post Rock is about and she and the rest of the staff at post rock were very friendly and welcoming to me

What do you hope to be when you’re out of school? Why?
Originally I thought that all I wanted to do was become a therapist. However, now that I am doing my practicum at Post Rock and concentrating on Chronic Care Management, it has peaked my interest and I may want to pursue this line of work in the future, as well as doing therapy. I enjoy helping people, and helping clients or patients to manage their illnesses, be they physical or mental would be very gratifying to me.

What do you like about shadowing in Plainville?
The providers are all very supportive and welcoming and Ms. Kaufman, whom I am shadowing, has a wealth of information and she is a very patient and capable person as well as being someone I like and respect. I am sure I will learn a lot in the 9 months I will be shadowing Ms. Kaufman.

What do you like to do outside of medicine?
I enjoy traveling, reading, studying and being with friends and family.

What do you hope to learn from your rotation in Plainville?
I hope to learn to be a good Chronic Care Manager. I really just want to learn all I can from Ms. Kaufman as I admire her work ethic and tremendous knowledge in all the areas of Care Management.