Post Rock Welcomes Back Mariah Miller

August 31, 2018 | Students | By: Jodie Ostmeyer


Mariah is attending the University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita.  She is an MS4, class of 2019 school and is completing her rural rotation in Family Medicine.  Mariah is shadowing Dr. Jen Brull.

Where are you from?
I am from Rago, KS (1 hour southwest of Wichita with a population of 12).

Why did you come to Plainville?
I loved spending two months in Plainville last year on my family medicine rotation and enjoyed experiencing full spectrum family medicine, so I decided to come back for more!

What do you hope to be when you’re out of school? Why?
I would like to do Family Medicine with obstetrics. I really like the idea of caring for patients and forming long term relationships  and being able to care for a large variety of issues and conditions.

What do you like about shadowing in Plainville?
I really like how hands on the experience has been already and how friendly and willing to teach everyone is!

What do you like to do outside of medicine?
I like reading, baking, crafting and watching the Kansas State Wildcats play football.

What do you hope to learn from your rotation in Plainville?
I hope to learn skills that I can use for years to come with interacting with patients, improving my physical exam and procedural skills, and learning to be resourceful in a rural setting.