Post Rock Family Medicine Welcomes Whitney Taylor from KU this Summer

July 1, 2015 | Students | By: Naomi Wyatt | Tags: , ,

Whitney Taylor

Whitney Taylor, M2, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City will be working with Dr. Fisher during a 6 week summer elective titled Rural Primary Care Practice and Research.

-Where are you from ?

I was raised in McCracken, KS, but attended and graduated from Ellis High School.  After high school, I went on to complete my undergraduate degree at Fort Hays State University.  I am currently in Kansas City at KU School of Medicine where I will complete the basic science years of school before heading to Wichita for the clinical years.

-Why did you come to Plainville?

I wanted to come back to this area and from everything I had heard, there’s no better clinic/hospital to be at.  I have known a few older medical students that rotated here and had nothing but good things to say about the physicians and staff here.  I cannot imagine a better place to learn about rural medicine.

-What do you hope to be when you’re out of school? Why?

I am still early in my education, as this is my first rotation, but I have always been interested in rural primary care.  I love being from rural Kansas, which is under-served in regards to primary care.  It would be nice to give back to some of these communities that have played a large part in helping me develop over the years.

-What do you like about shadowing in Plainville?

There are so many good things to say about being in Plainville.  The staff and physicians are all very nice and so far each has played an active role in my learning.  The clinic, as a whole, has a family feel to it which allowed me to be more comfortable from day one.  The clinic is also very hands on; from the start they have allowed me to do anything and everything I’m comfortable with.  The clinic creates a learning environment that isn’t present in many other places.  The patients have also been very nice and open to having students around.  Overall, Plainville has been a wonderful place to have my first rotation.

-What do you like to do outside of medicine?

I love everything to do with being outdoors and sports.  Since being back in this area, I have picked up tennis as a hobby.  I also love watching sports; the Royals are having another good season and the Women’s National Team is headed to the finals of the World Cup.  Outside of watching and playing sports, I do like to read when I get the chance.

-What do you hope to learn from your rotation in Plainville?

I would like to learn some additional clinical skills; most of my training up to this point has been classroom work with less clinical experience.  I would also like to learn about documenting and dictating encounters.  Being out here early in my schooling will allow me to be ahead of the game when we head to clinical years.  However, the most important thing I hope to gain from this rotation in Plainville is simply to see and learn how the physicians here interact with their patients.  The patient/physician relationship plays such an integral role in achieving the best possible care for individuals but is also one thing you cannot learn from a book.  I think being around the staff here in Plainville will help me learn some of the important skills that you cannot get out of a book.