‘First Friday Labs’ in Stockton

January 2, 2014 | Alerts, Health Advice | By: Zach Muhrer | Tags: , , , , ,


The Rooks County Health Center (RCHC) has introduced First Friday Screenings at the Stockton Medical Clinics at the end of 2013. Sami Werner (pictured, left), the Lab Manager at the RCHC Laboratory is excited to be offering this service to the Stockton Community. She believes that it will provide the opportunity for patients in Stockton to complete regular lab work and screenings on a walk-in basis.

First Friday Screenings come at a drastically reduced price to patients.  While insurance and Medicare are not involved for these screenings, rates are only a small fraction of what would normally be billed.

Results from screenings will be confidential and given directly to the patient.  It is suggested you share these results with your regular primary physician.

Patients can be screened for Cardiac Risk, Diabetic Health, or Colon Health in about 15 minutes.  These screenings can help a person learn their chance of having a heart attack, stroke, or colon cancer or review their a summary of their general diabetic health.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to have a health screening is important.  Not only will screenings monitor risk factors, but they can also uncover illness.  Colon cancer is a great example of an illness that is nearly 90% curable when detected early and a screening could help you and your physician uncover such an illness before it is too late.

First Friday Lab outreach to Stockton is yet another way the Rooks County Healthcare Foundation is working to provide equal care opportunities throughout Rooks County.

If you have any questions, please call the Stockton Medical Clinic 785-425-6921 or the RCHC Laboratory 785-688-4420