Stockton Medical Clinic’s Medical Christmas Tree

December 6, 2012 | News | By: Zach Muhrer | Tags: , , ,

The Stockton Medical Clinic has submitted a rather unique Christmas Tree to the Stockton Parade of Christmas Trees.  Located in the Stockton Public Library, the Parade of Christmas Trees is an annual event consisting of a couple dozen uniquely decorated trees.  Local businesses, classes, and clubs decorate trees that are displayed to the public and voted on for a best in show award (regular and youth categories).

The Stockton Medical Clinic chose to forego a regular tree and built their own from the ground up.  Illuminated from the inside, the tree itself consists of hundreds of medical gloves (hanging from an internal frame of wood and chicken wire).  The tree is decorated with various decorated syringes, tongue depressors, and oversized Q-Tips.  Its tree skirt is a patient hospital gown.  Topping the tree off is an internally illuminated star of gauze.

The staff of the clinic all had input on the tree’s conceptualization and construction.

If you’re able to visit the Parade of Christmas Trees, please do!  The display is beautiful.  And don’t forget to vote for your favorite (wink wink)!