Post Rock Welcoms Ron Williams

July 1, 2012 | Alerts, Students | By: Zach Muhrer | Tags: , , ,


Post Rock Family Medicine is glad to have Ron Williams, an APRN student out of Hays with us for 6 weeks.  Ron is spending time shadowing Dr. Fisher and building his skills in the family medicine setting.
Where are you from?
I have lived in Hays for the last 12 years and have worked at HaysMed in the Emergency Department.  I grew up north of Brewster KS.
Why did you come to Plainville?
As part of completing my course work for as a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am required to have a certain number of clinical hours specific to family practice.  Where I have been very fortunate to complete these hours in the Hays area with physicians and providers that I was familar with, I felt that I was missing out on some oppurtunities to explore other healthcare models.  Therefore, I chose to do my last clinical set with Dr. Fisher as he has a varied practice that would allow me to see a wide variety of patients.  Through this experience I have gained further appreciation for the importance of access to healthcare in a rural setting and the impact on both acute problems and the management of chronic health issues.
What do you hope to be when you’re out of school? Why?
Because I have two step-daughters in middle school, my wife and I would prefer to stay in this area.  Hopefully, I will find a practice that will allow me to continue to develop in my new role as a Nurse Practitioner while at the same time provide oppurtunities to practice in a acute care setting such as an Emergency Department or similar setting.
What do you like about spending a rotation in Plainville?
That answer is easy: the people associated with this facility!  The other physicians, nurses and ancillary staff that make this facility run have made me feel welcomed and I’ve felt like they are happy to help me along in my education.  I have been from the very first day, bragging to everybody that will listen about what wonderful facility this community has and how the environment is truly focused on providing the best care possible within the available resources.
What do you like to do outside of medicine?
Well now that school is winding down for me, my wife and I will begin to have more time to do the things we have missed.  This includes taking our Jeep to Colorado for over-roading, spending time with our children and grandchildren and maybe even finding out if my golf clubs still don’t work like I want them to.
What do you hope to learn on your rotation in Plainville?
Develop an appreciation of providing care in rural setting.