Post Rock Begins Using Televox Electronic Reminders

January 26, 2012 | Alerts, News | By: Zach Muhrer | Tags: , , , ,

Post Rock has begun using Televox, an automated telephone reminder system this week.   This new system will electronically contact patients between 6pm and 8pm the night prior to a scheduled visit with any of the Post Rock medical providers.  Patients or household members answering the phone will only hear the patient’s first name and that an appointment has been scheduled.  No private information will be disclosed through these calls.

If you have caller ID, then you will see our primary contact number when the call comes through, (785) 434-2622.

Post Rock is continuing to look into other potential opportunities with this system.  Televox may eventually be set up to alert you through text or email.  Further, the system will eventually be used to remind patients of billing updates and when lab work is due.

If you believe that your contact information with Post Rock is out of date, then please let us know at your next appointment or call ahead.  For questions or concerns about this program, please call (785) 434-2622 during normal business hours.