Welcome Carolyn!

April 12, 2011 | News, Students | By: Jennifer Brull | Tags:

PMC is happy to welcome Carolyn Enders, KUMC student here for the month of April.  Carolyn took a few minutes to tell us about herself – read on!

I am a fourth year medical student visiting from the University of Kansas School of Medicine – Kansas City Campus.  I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, and went away to the University of California, Davis for college.   I have truly enjoyed my medical training at KU and been fortunate enough this year to get to travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for an international health rotation just this last month.  On Match Day, March 17th, I found out where I will be headed for the next three years for residency.  I matched in Internal Medicine at Scripps Clinic/Green Hospital in San Diego, CA.  I am looking forward to the move and challenge of residency, but will certainly miss the Midwest.

I have had several good friends who have been fortunate enough to rotate here in Plainville with Dr. Brull.  While I have only been here a couple of weeks, I can easily see how my peers have fallen in love with this place.  From the patients to the staff, everyone has been warm and welcoming.  I cannot thank the Brull family, Rooks County Medical Center, and the people of Plainville enough for your hospitality, and I hope to see you around town!