PMC Welcomes Sam Machen!

May 21, 2010 | Students | By: Jennifer Brull | Tags: ,

Samantha (Sam) Machen is a third year medical student at the University of Kansas School of Medicine currently spending six weeks in Plainville with Dr. Jen Brull. Students at KUMC have the opportunity to do their family medicine residency in Kansas City or in a rural location, like Plainville.Sam grew up in Quinter, KS where her father is a family medicine physician. Sam plans to be a surgeon when she finishes her medical education, and will likely remain in Kansas to practice. She says that moving to a town the size of Salina would feel about right. Her fiance (wedding in October!) is a resident now and plans to practice gastroenterology when he completes training.

“Working with Dr. Brull has been absolutely wonderful! It truly reminds me of home and the type of medicine I grew up with in Quinter. Nothing is like rural family medicine. As a student, you instantly feel welcomed and can expect being involved at every level of patient care,” Sam enthuses. As you can see from the pictures, Sam has an infectious sense of fun.

Dr. Brull hosts students from all four years of the medical school curriculum frequently throughout the year. She feels it is important to show students the joy of living and practicing medicine in a small town. PMC is delighted to host Sam and hope she enjoys Plainville! Please feel free to stop in and welcome her.