KU Med Student at PMC

April 14, 2010 | Students | By: Jennifer Brull | Tags:

There’s a new face at PMC this month. Ben Legler, fourth year medical student at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, is in Plainville working with Dr. Brull during the month of April.

Ben is currently finishing his medical school curriculum by completing a rural preceptorship. Some of you may recognize Ben from previous trips to Plainville; he was last here in January and February 2009 and did his first rotation in Plainville in the summer of 2007!

Ben will go from Plainville to Boston as he begins his residency in Med-Peds at Tufts University in June. In the short break between medical school and residency, he will get married on May 1. If you are in the office in the next few weeks, say “hi” to Ben.