Sports Physicals!

April 11, 2010 | News | By: Jennifer Brull | Tags: ,

It’s that time of year again…time to be scheduling sport physicals. PMC will once again be offering sport physical days when you can get that all-important form completed for a minimum cost.PMC will charge $25 per physical if paid in cash at the time of service. If you wish us to submit the charge to your insurance, usual copays will be due on the date of the visit. Please make sure your child has their payment with them if they are coming alone or we will not be able to see them.

Dates for physicals are as follows:
Thursday, June 3 (Dr. Brull)
Wednesday, June 9 (Leann Zimmerman, ARNP)
Monday, June 21 (Dr. Fisher and Emily Decker, PA)
Thursday, June 24 (Dr. Sanchez)
Thursday, July 15 (Dr. Brull)
Wednesday, July 21 (Leann Zimmerman, ARNP)
Thursday, July 29 (Dr. Sanchez)
Monday, August 9 (Dr. Fisher and Emily Decker, PA)

Please complete the KSHAA Sports Physical Form (click on the blue words to download and print) before arriving at the office. The first and last pages of the form must be filled out and the back page signed by both the student and parent. (The parent signature indicates consent to do the physical in the parent’s absence.)

Remember to wear shorts if weather permits.

Bring immunization records to the appointment. This record needs to have information about the following vaccinations or childhood diseases: Tetanus, Hepatitis B, HPV (Gardisil), Meningitis, and Varicella (chicken pox). If the child did not get their chicken pox shot as a child, we need to know when/if they had the chicken pox. We will NOT be providing immunizations, but will be happy to let kids/parents know which immunizations they are needing.

Please remember that this is ONLY a sports physical. Because of the significant price discount, we are not able to provide refills for chronic medications (like asthma inhalers or allergy medications), nor will we be able to provide care for any sick complaints or ongoing problems. We are very happy to address musculoskeletal complaints as they relate to sports participation (i.e., can the child participate). If there are any abnormalities found on the sports physical, it will be noted on the form and parents will need to follow up with their child’s primary care provider at a separate appointment.

Please call our office at 785.434.2622 to schedule sports physicals.