Rachel Kennally spends the summer at Post Rock

July 14, 2014 | Students | By: Zach Muhrer | Tags: , , , ,

WP_20140707_002Rachel Kennally’s six weeks at Post Rock is quickly coming to a close.  Since June 9, Rachel has spent her days and evenings shadowing Dr. Brull in Plainville and picking the brains of the other PRFM providers.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Sabetha, KS, a small town in the NE part of the state. I graduated from Sabetha High and moved to Manhattan, KS where I attended K-State for my undergraduate studies- Go Cats! I currently live in Prairie Village and attend medical school in Kansas City.

Why did you come to Plainville?

Last fall I was assigned Dr. Brull as a mentor through the Faces in Family Medicine Program at KU. I knew from the beginning of the year that I wanted to participate in the Summer Rural Research Program and that I wanted to go somewhere that I did not know well. After corresponding with Dr. Brull and hearing about how Plainville is a great place for students to learn, I decided that Plainville would be the perfect place to spend my six weeks.

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How Do We Educate Vaccine-resistant Parents Without Driving Them Away?

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PRFM’s own Dr. Loney recently published this article via AAFP.org:

As of June 6, nearly 400 cases of measles had been reported in the United States this year. That is by far the highest total since public health officials declared the disease eradicated in this country in 2000. The 16 separate outbreaks in 20 states have led me to think a lot about the spread of vaccine-preventable illness and what I want my clinic policy to be regarding the care of unvaccinated patients.

The highest numbers of cases have been reported from California, Ohio and New York City. Back in April when California had “only” 58 reported cases (close to the yearly national average), the CDC reported that at least 11 people had been infected in doctors’ offices, hospitals or other health care settings. There also have been outbreaks of mumps, pertussis and varicella in various parts of the country in the past year, making the chances of encountering one or another of these vaccine-preventable illnesses in our practices much more likely than in prior years.

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Rooks County welcomes the return of James Dinkel

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WP_20140617_001James Dinkel, a native of Plainville, is in the midst of a six week program shadowing Dr. Dan Sanchez.  This experience through the Kansas University School of Medicine has offered him a taste of practical medical education and has offered insight on his future plans as a medical provider.

Where are you from?

I grew up here in Plainville.  For college I stayed with small towns and went to Sterling College in Sterling, KS.  I graduated and worked as an IT systems administrator in El Dorado, KS for several years before finishing up required classes for medical school.  I moved to Kansas City, KS 2 years ago to attend KU School of Medicine which is where I currently reside.

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