‘First Friday Labs’ in Stockton

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The Rooks County Health Center (RCHC) has introduced First Friday Screenings at the Stockton Medical Clinics at the end of 2013. Sami Werner (pictured, left), the Lab Manager at the RCHC Laboratory is excited to be offering this service to the Stockton Community. She believes that it will provide the opportunity for patients in Stockton to complete regular lab work and screenings on a walk-in basis.

First Friday Screenings come at a drastically reduced price to patients.  While insurance and Medicare are not involved for these screenings, rates are only a small fraction of what would normally be billed.

Results from screenings will be confidential and given directly to the patient.  It is suggested you share these results with your regular primary physician.

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Free Childbirth Classes at the Rooks County Health Center

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Jenna Sander

Free Childbirth Classes will be hosted at the Rooks County Health Center by Jenna Sander beginning with the new year.  Classes are intended for expecting parents that are interested in learning more about the entire birth process from pregnancy through newborn care.

Jenna Sander is a Certified Nurse Midwife that joined the team at Post Rock earlier in 2013.  She has also worked as a Registered Nurse with the Rooks County Health Center since 2010.

The Childbirth Classes will consist of two consecutive days of two hour classes.  Day one of the class includes information on the physiology of Labor/birth and an intro comfort measures for labor.  Day two continues with information on comfort measures and extends to postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

These classes come at no cost to participants.  Dates can be found in the adjacent window.

Childbirth Class Dates

If you are interested in signing up, please call the Post Rock Family Medicine Plainville Clinic (785-434-2622) or email jsander@plainville.hpmin.com

Flu Season 2013

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IMG_0549[1]Flu season is upon us and Post Rock Family Medicine wants to remind you that it is time for your annual flu shot.

Vaccination against influenza (flu) is extremely important because there is no cure for the flu.  Antibiotics simply don’t work.  Antibiotics are meant to treat bacterial infections and the flu is a virus.  When a person suffering from the flu, there is no need to take these unnecessary antibiotics.  You can read more here about the trouble surrounding unnecessary antibiotic use.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services suggests that anybody age 6 months or older should be vaccinated for the flu.  The benefits of receiving the shot highly outweigh any potential reactions and create a healthier community on the whole.  The more people that are vaccinated against the flu, the less frequently the virus will spread.

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